Club 2000 Open Class

This class has been formed to allow a competitor to race and use either the IC or electric powered version of a Club 2000 racer.

The two versions are very similar in performance although the electric version has the advantage of not being affected so much  by atmospheric conditions and motor mixture settings.

Over the past few seasons, electric and IC variants have flown together in the same race but have not competed in the same championship.  Now with the introduction of this new "Open Class" both variants will race together to gain championship points that will be totalled to give a National Open Champion at the end of each season.

The class will also be flown at the British Nationals at Barkston Heath in August each year to appoint a Nationals Champion.

The rules for the class are identical to the standard Club 2000 event but with the addition of the electric power train as an alternative to IC power.

The additional power train specifications are as follows:

Club 2000 Association additional rules to incorporate the use of an  electric power train in the Open Class.


The only motors permitted will be

Turnigy SK 3536 - 1400kv Aerodrive XP Outrunner

Overlander V2 T 3536/5 1450kv

NTM Prop Drive series 35-36A 1400kv

The motors may not be tuned or modified to increase performance and can only be repaired using standard replacement parts.  The motor must be capable of being throttled on demand.


Any battery may be used, with a maximum of four cells and that, including any attached wires and connectors does not weigh more than 270grms.

Speed Controller:

The choice of speed controller is free.


The only allowable propellers are two blade Radio Active Manufacturing 8 X 6 or APC 8 X 6 and may not be modified in any way other than for balancing purposes.

All other rules regarding model specification and race course procedure are the same as the current Club 2000 rules.