Starter Kit : What happens at a typical race meeting?

Race meetings are held approximately once a month between April and October. Actual dates can be found in the BMFA contest calendar, on the uk pylon web site or by calling Graham Clarke  on 02476 411142 (eve).

Telephone or email your entry to Graham at least one week before the comp. We like to fly on 2.4 mhz or odd numbered frequencies on 35 mhz  if possible.

On the race day, try and arrive around 9 am. Racing starts at 10 am but it pays to get there early enough to get your models prepared, check out your starting equipment and give your motor a run.

Flying is not allowed whilst the course is being erected, so if you want a test flight make sure you arrive early.

Flyers are split into three groups. If you are a beginner to pylon racing you will be in group three. If you have been a group one flyer in Club 20 you will be in group one. Everyone else will be in group two. You will go up to the next group when you achieve the requisite aggregate qualifying times. This way you will be competing against flyers with the same racing experience.

The entry is divided into two halves. When you are not flying you will be allocated a course manning duty i.e. flagman, timer, starter etc. Everyone will be given a race sheet showing their race heats. During the heat previous to your race, you will be called to get ready. You should then make sure your model is fuelled up and ready to go.

Your race will be called out together with start positions. The starter will then ask you to identify your model to the number one flag men by holding it up high and showing both sides.. He then checks your radio frequency to avoid clashes and asks you to "switch on and check". Check that your plug is working. When everyone is ready the starter will shout "one minute to start". You then have one minute to start your motor before the starter drops his flag. On the drop of the flag your helper launches your model and shouts turn when your model reaches the number one flagpole and the flagman drops his flag.

You fly ten laps of the course staying outside the three pylons. If your model comes inside any of the pylons during the race, you will be awarded a "cut" and one tenth of your race time will be added to give a total time. During the day each flyer will have six flights. Your best four flights will be added together to give an aggregate. 

Eight flyers with the best aggregate times go forward into a semi-final and then into an overall final. The four group two and three flyers with the best aggregate times go forward into their respective finals. Points are awarded at each race meeting towards an annual championship. Prizes or trophies are awarded to the winners.

The fuel is provided by the organizers with a nitro content of 5%.