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Welcome to Pylon Racing in the UK!

We are a group of model fliers who like to race model aircraft. The models are small, easy to build, easy to fly and very fast. An excellent formula for a day out away from the family and having some good fun. Have a look round the site and see what we get up to, then come and join us!

The rules are pretty simple, you have to use a standard .25cu r/c engine and you must not tune it as we want to racing to be close and exciting. You have to design your model to a simple set of rules or buy a kit.

The competitions are done by having 6 qualifying flights to get a grid position, after which come semi-finals and finals. We fly the models around a triangular course, with the pilots situated inside.

Some people ask, "what is so special about pylon racing?". This is an easy question to answer: most of us like to be competitive, whether it is playing Monopoly, playing cards, playing football, whatever. Some of us also like to race and enjoy the adrenalin that brings. If you like flying too, then pylon racing is just about the ultimate you can achieve in the R/C model world. This is the only branch of model flying where you can compete side-by-side and race. So, if you like flying, you like racing and you are getting bored at the club field thrashing your Wot4 to death, get a kit and join in, you won't regret it!

On the right are some answers to common questions ...

Is this pylon racing expensive?
No, the engine and kit comes to less than 100 and you can use a standard 4 channel radio control system.

Is pylon racing fast?
Yes, else it wouldn't be fun would it! You can expect to do a lap of the circuit in well under 10 seconds with 4 models flying at the same time.

Are these models difficult to fly?
No, not at all. If you can fly something like a WOT4 then you can easily handle one of these models.

Will I have to fly like a World Champion?
None of us are World Champions, just your average club member that got a bit fed up going to the field on Sunday for a quick fly session and decided to have a focus.

Where can I race?
The Club2000 Association organizes events during the year and at the British National Championships. Most are centred around central England. Check out the Starter Kit page for more information ...