How to build a Club 2000 Model

There are kits available from Mike Toyer

The kit comes in two forms though, either a built up fuselage or a moulded one. Being pressed for time I spent the little extra and bought the moulded fus' kit, which you save in glue and covering anyway (plus it's straight which helps me a lot).

I have no connection with Modelcraft, other than I know the previous owner Graham Clarke who obviously I compete against at pylon racing (ironic that!). I did actually pay for this kit and these opinions are my own. So, let's get started...

So what do you get for your money?
Well, having flown the model, you actually get a well designed model that will fly straight off the board (ouch, it hurt to say that!). Mine had just a couple of clicks of aileron trim and it was tearing around the sky.

What's in the box?
Take a look for yourself. Above we have the polyester moulded fuselage and instructions sheets. The instructions are basic but good enough given this won't be your first model.

On the right you see the single piece wing, pre-covered with obechi and is excellent quality. The leading/trailing edge stock and tips are in the kit too.

On the left we have the tailplane and vertical fin. All the ply formers are cut ready to be glued in place. There are a selection of rods for the throttle and elevator.

Below is all the hardware you get. You can pretty much guess what the bits are, no point in teaching you how to suck eggs!

Well that's the kit then, let's start another page and get building ...