Scene & Heard - CD Review
Review Taken From Issue 249 - March 2018

Eddie Martin & His Rhythm Cruisers: Cadillac Joe
Foot Tapping Records FT175
Trevor Noddles Thrapston, Northants


10 Tracks:
1. Cadillac Joe, 2. Seven Nights To Rock, 3. El Camino Real, 4. Catty Town, 5. Kansas City, 6. Rock 'n' Roll Mr. Bullfrog, 7. Lipstick, Powder & Paint, 8. Hi-Heel Sneakers, 9. Rockin' Chair On The Moon, 10. I'll Never Get Tired Of Loving You.

Having being given the heads-up that Eddie was from the Black Country, with no more adieu I 'phoned him and said "Is yam alright!" he replied "Yam's alright". I had the right fella. For the foreign readers the Black Country is nothing racial but a region that wraps around the west and north of Birmingham, England, where a distinct dialogue is spoken. Every yam yam I know, says "He's not a Brummie but from the Black Country!" Eddie has followed Rock 'n' Roll since he was barely able to walk, so a few years now. In more recent years, being inspired dawghouse bass, and was ably assisted by Dragan Zac Zdravkovic, hailing from the West Midlands. A multi-talented instrumentalist and member of class outfit, the Jive Romeros. Fair play to Eddie for living his dream, mastering the instrument, then, having the bottle to get up and do it with a collection of musicians. Now a few years down the line, along with the Rhythm Cruisers he's played at Rock 'n' Roll and jive clubs all over the country and still seeks more opportunities. So promoters if you haven't got his contact details in your contacts look him up on Facebook, or on his website,

Although I've never seen Eddie perform, I know his act has played several venues relatively local to me, including the Rocky Roade club at Cogenhoe and the Cotton club at Far Cotton (Northampton). Also several clubs in the Cambridge area. Unbeknown to Eddie I acquired a few years ago, an 8 track CD pressed by him entitled C'mon Dance that now sits boldly in my collection. Eddie & The Rhythm Cruisers have racked up a few notches, and received support from Zac (tuition) John O'Malley (artwork) and Foottappin' Records from Hampshire, (producing the CD). With this support, he's on a winner straight away. Featured on the CD besides Eddie, his vocals and big bass, are Des Pearson (drums) and Andy Birkett (guitar).

The opening and also title track, written by Eddie is 'Cadillac Joe'. I always like to listen to self-penned numbers as there's nothing to compare them with. A good likeable choice with some very good interspersed guitar playing although maybe could have been a tad faster in tempo. 'Seven Nights To Rock' is a good rendition of the old Moon Mullican song. The song that originally came out in 1969 but didn't receive the acclaim it deserved for at least two or three decades, yet is played in Rock 'n' Roll dance halls everywhere and a fitting tribute to the late Lee Dresser's 'El Camino Real'. Eddie informed me his outfit are a jive band but the next number is a favourite of my old mate Rusti, Pee Wee King's 'Catty Town'. I would not have considered it a jive number, but nevertheless it's a great number.

One of Mike Leiber and Stoller's early compositions originally released by Willie Littlefield, Jr. in the early 1950's 'Kansas City' and now by Eddie in 2017. Another from the Moon Mullican catalogue, the great 'Rock & Roll Mr. Bullfrog' given the Eddie Martin feel. 'Lipstick, Powder & Paint' recorded ages ago by Blues shouter, the late, great Big Joe Turner and popularised 30 years later by Michael Barrett, (Shakin' Stevens). Now another 30 years lapse and it's brought to the fore by Eddie. 'Hi-Heel Sneakers' - no introduction on this one, covered by Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, several other Rockers, and Blues artistes, now time for Eddie to put his stamp on the tune.

What is Rock 'n' Roll without the name Bill Haley? Quite simple and sparse to keep all the jivers content and active, Eddie has included his version of Bill's 'Rockin' Chair On The Moon' as the penultimate track. To conclude the CD, the tempo has been lessened with another of Eddie's songs 'I'll Never Get Tired Of Loving You'. A great song for all the ladies, and Teddygirls alike.

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