MBSN Sales Team
(Page updated 17th May 2018)

These are the guys 'n' gals (in addition to Rockin' venues who have their own pages) who have a supply of mags stashed away but will happily swap you £2 for one - if they haven't already sold out! Just ask them if you spot them around.


Maggie Sampford
Founder and editor




Angela & James Sharpe
These two get
absolutely everywhere!




Ken Wright
The 'Big Bopper'
from Barnsley

Pete & Suzie Vowles
Mr. & Mrs. Blonde
from Taunton



Big Col's Bop Shop,
the big DJ with big sounds from Worcester

Lyn (Honeybee) Williamson
Carshalton Ex-Servicemen's club

Eileen Rayner
Rayners Rock 'n' Roll organiser - Tadcaster

Ken Pellington

Alistair Fitzgerald
Strictly Jitterbug


Paul Squires
Willington organiser


Brian Castelino & Sally Collett
Nelson Club, Warwick organisers




Mike Sealey,
Berkeley Heath Motors,
Berkeley Heath, Gloucester

awaiting picture