Rockin' From Russia
From Richard Hume, Moscow

I've been living and working in Russia since 2004. I'm a 1970s' Teddy Boy. As a boy, my favourite music was Rock 'n' Roll. The 70s' Rock 'n' Roll revival later on in that decade was an exciting time. Not just the Teds but the relatively large numbers following Rock 'n' Roll generally was terrific.

Not enough space to list all the highlights:

Here's just a few:

Seeing Jerry Lee Lewis live in London, Chuck Berry at the Hammersmith Odeon, the Stray Cats in the early 80s; going to see Cavan, plus the Flying Saucers whenever they were performing and within travelling distance. And the big march in London back in 1976, to get the BBC to give us a Rock 'n' Roll programme on the radio - what a day that was !

I've been actively supporting and following our great music all my life and I'm still a Ted.

Fast forward to 2004:

I moved to Moscow to a new job and discovered a terrific Rock 'n' Roll scene; the groups, the Russian followers of Rock 'n' Roll and the dancing, were all excellent. As I did in the UK, I run a free dance co-operative here, focusing on jive (you can see more details on my website at It's totally non-commercial.

I'm also involved in helping to organise Rock 'n' Roll concerts in Moscow. Plus I've also been active in bringing Rock 'n' Roll groups to Russia from abroad; one example being the Liverpool band Furious, bringing them over twice to perform in Moscow.

Russian Rock 'n' Roll has a proud history and a dedicated following. I'm really looking forward to telling you even more about it in the magazine!