Redditch Rowdies Rock 'n' Roll

The Crown, (formally Forget Me Not) 1069 Tyburn Road,
Erdington, Birmingham, B24 0TH

Organisers - Paul & Pam Egan & Friends

Tel: 01527 595156

Well, Rowdies by name and Rowdies by nature! If the above photo is anything to go by, that's for sure! One thing you can be certain of when you visit this club and that's a jolly good night.

They might have struggled a bit with numbers of late but if the recent events I attended are anything to go by, I will not fear for their future! It's a very friendly club, a spacious comfortable room and an efficient bar. There's always a band on and the DJ-ing is usually taken care of by organiser Paul, also known as 'Blast From The Past' - or since he's started drawing his pension - Bus Pass Paul. He's pictured below in disguise!

Redditch Rock 'n' Roll usually runs monthly on a Saturday from 7pm - midnight although I have known them have two gigs in the same month occasionally. Admission varies depending on the band.



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