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From issue 238 - April 2017

Vive la Rock 'n' Roll
Saturday, 25th February - The Spunyboys at Crondall Rock 'n' Roll
By Janie Warner, the Wild Cruisin' Cat from Crondall - Photos: Shaun Jackson

I can't stop thinking about this gig. Why? Because we had the Spunyboys from France playing for us. Who? some of you may be saying? Well, only one of the hottest bands around! What does Spunyboys mean I hear you thinking. I don't know, but who cares, I even googled it, and nothing! It's a unique word and band name, but then the band are unique, so it fits. Maybe they made the word up themselves, although a French person told me it mean's 'spunky' which would be apt as that actually defined, is 'a cool and awesome person or people with lots of pizazz'. Lots of PIZAZZ?! I'd say and so would the human contents of the Crondall village hall on this particular Saturday night in February would say too.

I had contacted the band on the day of the gig, earlier on in the afternoon to check if they were in England yet, but they'd been delayed at the borders of France. So I'm like Whoops! and a big Oh dear, it can't be helped, but what shall we do if they don't make it in time? I'm trying to think of any bands we could call upon in case they couldn't make it in time, and 'KNOWING' we'd have lots of people coming to see the them. They were very good at keeping me updated along the way and as usual, didn't let anyone down. They arrived just after we opened the doors at 7pm, so it was all hands on, helping to get the gear onto the stage. They set up and sound checked very quickly and professionally. The sound check was so good a customer who'd just arrived said to me, ''Oh, they've already started."

Some people hadn't ever seen the band before and some who came, try to go to every gig they're at, coming from as far away as Norfolk and Northampton; we're on the border of Surrey and Hampshire. We were packed out, a few brought their children along to see the band and to try to inspire them, as these are a very young band and perfect to inspire other youngsters, as you'll see by the pictures. They're all in their early 20's I think, not that old, but still have plenty of years of rocking experience in their trail. They gig for a living all around Europe, some other places in England and France of course. They made their English debut at the Wildest Cats In Town weekender in the summer of 2013 and they played their first English Rock 'n' Roll club gig with us in November 2014.

The three lads, Remi (lead vocals/bass), his brother Guilliame (drums) and Eddie, their very good friend, (guitar) who acts like he has ants in his pants when he plays his guitar. He moves around the stage the whole time when he's performing. Yes, I did say Eddie, an unusual name for a French lad, huh? Yet he speaks the least English of them all. He now has a new nickname though, 'Daddy Eddie' because he became a very proud one only two days previously. What better way to celebrate than at a massive Rockin' party at Crondall?! Speaking of which, we had a silver wedding anniversary, a 52 years wedding anniversary for Ady's Mum & Dad, a few birthdays and whatever else was being celebrated that night. It's great to have so many good things to celebrate! It makes a nice change from always hearing bad news.

The Spunyboys are all very polite and well-spoken and I find most, if not all the youngsters in the Rockin' scene are well mannered. I have yet to find one that isn't, which says a lot about our scene. A shame the world outside of it isn't like that. It must have something to do with the great music we constantly filter through our ears and into our brains. These boys are a great band, full of high energy and are led by a very good, very active and fun showman. They kicked off with a great take of Little Richards' song 'I Got It' with all the high pitched 'WoOoOoO's' in the right places just like Little Richard does. Remi loves to sing and talk in his self-taught English and is very proud of his massive quiff which he carries on his head without the aid of any scaffolding. My Ady had his like that once, only it used to hang down past the end of his nose, I dunno how he managed to see.