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From issue 246 - December 2017

The Kingcats!
The Pitstop, Bedworth - Saturday, 14th October
By Maggie Sampford

This was a night with a difference. Well, for me anyway. There's not much I can say about the Kingcats that I or anyone else for that matter hasn't said many times already. They're predictably brilliant, play great music and the dance-floor stays busy, busy, busy throughout the evening. But tonight it wasn't so much about the band, brilliant as they were, it was more about catching up with old friends. It was almost as if all the old pals I hadn't seen for years decided that was the night they were all going to grace the Pitstop with their presence! So, as I said, a night with a difference.

The DJ was Nostalgia, whose music I always love and who we don't see much of these days as he retired recently to spend more time with his family. As always in the past, his music was great, but oh, far too loud!!! I don't ever remember complaining about his volume in the past but tonight I heard many grumbles about it. So loud it wasn't even possible to hold a conversation with the person sitting right next to you.

There was a very good crowd in as would be expected with such a premier band, and even though we got there just after 8pm, the joint was jumping, the room Rockin' and the floor busy. And that was just the DJ! The band came on at 9pm prompt and kicked off with bouncy versions of 'Knock, Knock, Rattle', 'As Long As There's Loving Tonight', 'Guitars & Cadillacs' and 'Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'. All great numbers to get the feet tapping and bodies on the dance-floor - Strictly's got nothing on this crowd! So many smashing dancers. They continued with more wonderful lively gems; 'Flip, Flop & Fly' and 'Promised Land' before a couple of strollers to give the jivers a rest - 'Wonderful Life' and 'Mess Of Blues'. 'Chalk It Up To The Blues' and 'Shake Baby Shake' brought the first set to a mega-lively conclusion.

Back to Nostalgia whilst the band took their break and more great if not rather loud music. We also had the raffle, a few announcements and a birthday in the room. It was also noticeable that the regular stewards were not there. None of our usual drinks were available and many of the bar staff seemed to have changed. Organiser Brian told me the regular stewards were on holiday. I, for one, hope they'll be back soon.

The band returned at 10pm and gave us a great second set, although I spent most of it either dancing or chatting - as I said earlier - I had a lot of catching up to do with old friends. Numbers I do remember them doing included 'Southbound Train', 'Boogie Woogie Country Girl', 'Seven Nights To Rock', 'Lovin' You', 'Cherokee Boogie' and 'Please Mama Please'. They also did a couple of lovely smoochies before a few more lively jivers to finish the set. As I began this review - it was a night with a difference. A night of nostalgia (in more ways than one!), great music, lovely company and renewing old friendships.