Here's A Bit About Me!

Well, this is me and I've been rockin' and rollin' since I was about 15 years old. I'm not quite old enough to be a first time around 'Rock 'n' Roller' but I always used to jive at the local youth club with my mate Tina. That would be about 1964 I guess. As we got older, Tina and I would go to the local pubs where they always had bands on and again we'd be jiving all night. Then, as most of us of that era did, we married and raised our families.

I never lost my love of jiving or the music I always loved to dance to.

The magazine started as a single page newsletter back in July of 1997 based purely on my love of rock 'n' roll and jiving. It wasn't researched and there was no business plan, I just got fed up of collecting flyers everywhere I went, and when it was suggested to me: "why not start a newsletter? You do it for your job, why not do it for rock 'n' roll?" - I thought - why not?

So I did; and 'Maggie's Blue Suede News' was born - you probably know the rest.

Nowadays, I don't have time for much else. As one mag is completed and posted out, the next one is started and in between I try to update my website which I've built myself, load the pictures I've taken on to my Blue Suede News Facebook page and get to gigs.

I try to have a life apart from the mag (almost impossible!!) A lot of my time is now taken by my two 'Blue Suede Pooches', Golden Retrievers called Presley (who's 9 years) & Gracie (who's nearly 18 months old) who drag me away from the computer twice every day for walkies! I'm interested in Feng Shui and I like to read (usually Rock 'n' Roll biographies or anthropology novels). I enjoy the theatre, quizzes and eating out.

I belong to the local village amateur dramatics society who stage a pantomime every year. Always the drama queen, I generally have a fairly major role with loads of lines to learn. If you want to know more about that, then you'll have to come to the next show at the end of January each year!

I used to love cooking, dinner parties, badminton, backpacking around Turkey and even started to learn the language but don't get the time for these anymore. I started writing a novel many years ago (which I've yet to finish!) and have written a book of poetry and a camping guide. I have plans to write a rock 'n' roll musical but will I ever get around to it? I hope so, some day!

My daughter, Shelley is also a keen rock 'n' roller and has won lots of jiving competitions with her own very unique style of dancing. She used to teach Rock 'n' Roll jive at workshops around the UK although has for the moment given it up. As you might expect, I'm very proud of her.

'Maggie's Blue Suede News' changed my life. Without it I would never have had so much fun, nor would I have met all the wonderful people whom I now count as my dearest friends.