Glynis' Gallivants

Glynis Richards
(Halifax Roving Reporter)

My name is Glynis Richards and I live in Rochdale in Lancashire. I was born in 1950 and although I'm not a true Rock 'n' Roll babe, by the time I was 14-16 year old, it was 1964 but Rock 'n' Roll was still on the scene. I used to go to The Carlton dance hall at this time.

It wasn't until my children were grown up, that I could again pursue my hobby of Rock 'n' Roll, with my husband Terry. It was at the Skegness Rock 'n' Roll (Richmond) that set me off on my quest to find different venues. With our motorhome at the ready, someone told us about Maggie's Blue Suede News and we had our eyes opened to a new world.

Then I found a local club in Manchester called The Jive Inn and we went there until it shut down. Pontins at Southport (Yesterday Once More) had started, and then in 2002 there was Halifax Rock 'n' Roll. It was about that time that I sent my first report to Maggie's just to let everybody know there was another club in Yorkshire. And my reports are still being printed.

We have since enjoyed quite a few venues for example:- the Scarborough week-enders, Shake, Rattle & Roll at Yarmouth, Southport, Wellingborough, Americana at the Newark showground, Morecambe and Alfreton to name a few.

I love the week-enders as it's good to see people from different areas and of course girls, you have to go and look around the gear stalls don't' you!!!!

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