Clare Josephine

Hi, I'm Clare Josephine Daly - known to my Rock 'n' Roll friends now as CJ (thanks to Andy B Barker who is a good friend on radio).

Born in Dublin and brought up in a horsey home environment in Tipperary, North Riding. I play classical piano - or used to - I haven't had a piano in many years. I love horse riding, dog walking and my 2 teenage sons.
I have lived in the UK and France for most of my adult life -I was 14 years in the UK and 7 years in France. I am home in Ireland now, but may well move again - I have no problem moving country. I love new beginnings. I travelled around the world on my own when I was 26 for 18 months or so and visited many countries.
I developed a love for Rock 'n' Roll music just 3 years ago, although my mother loved Rock 'n' Roll and was an original part of the revolution that was Rock 'n' Roll back in the late 50s. She wore the original circular skirts with starched petticoats when she went out to dances in the 1950s. But she also told me that it was unthinkable to go out without also wearing white cotton gloves!! That's a detail that women today don't seem to realise.