The Cadillac Cat from Munich
Monika Resech, Munich

I was born in Munich but moved to the UK with my son in 1997 where I stayed until 2009. Due to the recession in the UK I had to return to Munich, Germany where I'm living now. I've lived in Didcot, Oxfordshire, in Sheffield and at lastly in Chesterfield where I'm a member of the Chesterfield Rock 'n' Roll club.

Unfortunately, I didn't find the Rockabilly scene until 6 months before going back to Germany. If I'd found them earlier, probably my path would have gone in a different direction. But you never know, maybe I'll move back one day! I did made a lot of great friends there who I'm missing!

I always say: half of me is English, but don't ask me which half!

From the age of 6 years I always wanted to be on stage and be famous. I love Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day and John Wayne (still do!) I always believed as I child that I would look like Marilyn, bless! I started playing the guitar in my teenage years, and have been in several Rock bands as well as Rock 'n' Roll bands such as Rigan Clan, The Continentals (Go-Go girl, & Background singer), played bass in a Blues band, rhythm guitar in a Punk band and in my own Rockabilly band, The Cadillac Cats. So really all sorts of things, but I'm always happy if I'm on stage!

But my heart has always been in Rockabilly and 50's Rock 'n' Roll. I used to be a professional Rock 'n' Roll dancer, dancing at a Munich Rock 'n' Roll club doing competitions and I also do belly dancing. I've got a 50's diner kitchen at home, created by myself and my wardrobe is full of 50's clothes (some don't fit yet as I have to loose some pounds!)

I used to own 18 guitars as I'm a big collector of any kind of guitars. Currently I've only got 10 guitars left as I sold some when moving back to Germany. My two most prized guitars are a HOFNER signed by Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi from Status Quo and my GRETSCH Tennesse Rose which is signed (and was also played) by Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats! I met Brian Setzer quite often in the 80's in Germany and Switzerland. Meeting Fred Gretsch, owner and builder of the GRETSCH guitars in the mid 80's also really made my day!

I had my own Rock 'n' Roll band who were called THE CADILLAC CATS (3 girls) and wrote my own music. I've also got my own CD now where I played every instrument under the name of MARILYN JEAN - (Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean).

I do a bit of acting too as I love the camera, and I work as a clairvoyant. I also love dogs and got an Old English Sheepdog called Charlie from the OES rescue in UK.